Q: What is BEK Now?

BEK Now is the BEK Broadcasting Network delivered nationally. Viewers can expect to see special events, exciting athletic and non-athletic competitions and compelling activities from around North Dakota delivered by the BEK Broadcasting Network. The network is the only North Dakota owned broadcasting company and its prime North Dakota content genres attract attention and engage viewers of all ages and interests. 

Q: What Channels are available with BEK Now?

With BEK Now you'll receive five of the BEK Broadcasting Network channels.

BEK Prime - Featuring North Dakota special events and top athletic and non-athletic competitions broadcast nightly in primetime.

BEK 247 - (previously BEK Sports Network) Featuring the best in North Dakota events and athletic and non-athletic competitions now broadcasting 24/7.

BEK Extra - Featuring local happenings throughout North Dakota.

BEK Weather - North Dakota local weather radar.

BEK Livestock - Weekly livestock auctions from around the area.

Q: How do I subscribe to BEK Now?

Subscribing to BEK Now is simple and instant with Skitter TV.

Q: What is the Cost for BEK Now?

BEK Now subscriptions are available from Skitter TV for $9.99 per month.

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Q: Does BEK Now offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, the Skitter TV application does not offer free trials for the service. If you sign up for service, and request a cancellation within 24 hours, Skitter TV will give you a refund and cancel your account. If you do not request a cancellation within the first 24 hours, Skitter TV will keep the account active for the rest of the month and not renew your subscription for the next month.


For any questions, please contact Skitter TV


Q: I have a ROKU how do I install BEK Now?

Installing BEK Now is simple and instant. Follow the simple directions listed under "Install". Please note: you will need a ROKU streaming device connected to your TV and access to your ROKU online account. For help setting up your ROKU streeming device, select "ROKU Setup".


Q: I am new to ROKU, how does it work?

The ROKU is a streaming device that connects the internet to your TV. You will need the ROKU streaming device to enjoy the BEK Now channels. For help setting up your ROKU streeming device, select "ROKU Setup". For more information on ROKU please visit

Q: I have a BEK Now/SkitterTV account, how do I access it?

If you already have a BEK Now/SkitterTV account you can access your account information at "SkitterTV".